The Presbyterian Health Foundation Mission has always been focused: fund research that will save lives.

Although much focus is given to a disease’s cure or the latest drug treatment, those developments would not be possible without scientific breakthroughs. It is at the basic research level that the foundation and pipeline are created to enable such future discoveries.

We’ve funded hundreds of research grants since 1985. Each one has been directed to Oklahoma organizations, physicians and scientists who have pioneered techniques to make breakthroughs in medical research. By investing in these extraordinary projects, we continue to make great strides in unraveling the mysteries of science.

Research Grant Selection Process

We award research grants through a highly competitive process led by prestigious Scientific Advisory and Grant Committees. The committees ensure that only the projects with the most potential for success are funded, which means grant recipients supported by the Presbyterian Health Foundation enjoy excellent reputations within the Oklahoma health community.

  • 1 PHF invites Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) to apply for funding consideration.

  • 2 The Vice President for Research at OMRF and OUHSC request proposals from their investigators and submit their top proposals for funding consideration.

  • 3 PHF’s Scientific Advisory and Grants Committees review and recommend the best proposals for funding.

  • 4 Grant recipients are awarded funds for their research. Progress reports are submitted annually.

  • 5 Funding of critical research brings us closer to saving lives.

The Presbyterian Health Foundation awards many types of medical and translational research grants. Scientists who receive these grants often receive additional funding, helping them produce results and enable them to move from the lab to clinical trials. With each and every breakthrough, they advance the cures for disease.

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