Since awarding our first grant in 1985, the Presbyterian Health Foundation has funded more than $170 million in grants. Our Scientific Advisory and Grants Committees select grant recipients through a highly competitive process. We invest in promising people and projects.

Types of Grants

The Presbyterian Health Foundation currently awards 4 types of grants:

Biomedical Research Grants

These grants support scientists by funding projects that are either laboratory-based fundamental research or translational research. Currently these programs are only open to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Examples include seed, bridge, equipment, symposium, translational, enabling technology, innovative and collaborative grants. The size and duration of these grants vary widely depending on the initiative, but they have ranged from $50,000 to over $1 million.

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Scientific Education Grants

The Scientific Education grants are a designated 10-year, $5 million commitment to the PHF M.D. Ph.D. program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

Mission Impact Grants

These grants are made within the mission of PHF but they are not usually for the direct support of a research project. Mission impact grants are given to organizations at or closely affiliated with the Oklahoma Health Center.


Community Grants

Each year, PHF reserves a small portion of funds to promote health and well-being in Central Oklahoma. Our community grants are given to nonprofit organizations in central Oklahoma and are by invitation only. The Community Grant is a smaller grant type (typically under $25,000).

Grant Process FAQ

Apply for Funding

Applications are accepted by invitation only. Before applying for funding, we expect you have read about the types of grants we fund and our frequently asked questions. We value your time and this information will help you determine if your organization qualifies for funding.

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