Presbyterian Health Foundation accelerates biomedical research and discovery, leading to lifesaving medical innovations.

The Presbyterian Health Foundation has invested over $200 million in biomedical research, discovery, and health initiatives in Oklahoma, all with the goal of enhancing and saving lives.

The Foundation was formed in 1985 with a vision in mind: Create a premier medical center in the heart of Oklahoma City. Now, that vision is now a reality. Located just northeast of OKC’s bustling downtown in the Innovation District, the Oklahoma Health Center has emerged as a leader in healthcare, research, and education in Oklahoma and across the nation. Its campus houses biotech companies, nonprofits, clinics, research labs, small businesses, and more.

Since the beginning, our many investments have worked to instill the love of discovery in the hearts and minds of scientists, innovators, and students in Oklahoma. They have led to medical breakthroughs and brought exciting economic opportunities by positioning Oklahoma at the forefront of biomedical research and biotechnology.

While we are proud of our decades of growth, our focus is on the future and how we can continue accelerating lifesaving biomedical research and discovery for generations of Oklahomans to come.

We've Granted Over $200M
Across the Past 37 years
Through More Than 2,000 grants